About Us

Who We Are:

GoldStudent is a fun, easy and effective online math enrichment program for children in grades K-6 .  With over 4 million math exercises and customized study guides, GoldStudent has been created to help children improve their problem-solving skills, gain confidence in their math abilities and have fun while they learn.

Our Mission:

GoldStudent is dedicated to helping children excel in math. GoldStudent:
1) Provides quality materials and proven methodology to both parents and students
2) Helps children excel at math while keeping them challenged and helping them master the technique of learning
3) Provides an affordable and convenient service, which is both positive and fun for children

Our Team:

GoldStudent was founded by Ning Wang and Andrew Cleland (a physics professor).  It has since grown to include technologists and marketing professionals, all with a single passion:  To help children succeed in life by improving their general education – and their math education in particular.  Through our own experience we have seen how math skills – including problem solving, continual practice and analytics - have helped our own careers.  We firmly believe that a solid foundation in basic math concepts will help all children succeed later in life.  The fast adoption of the internet, and the vast availability and depth of data make it even more important that our children gain the basic analytical skills to be able to understand and manage their lives.   The ability to manage personal finances, make logical decisions based on facts, and demonstrate clear analytical thinking are all critical skills that children can learn early in life with the help of GoldStudent.

Why Did We Create GoldStudent:

You have likely heard how the U.S. math educational system – specifically grades K-6 – is falling behind other developed countries.  Increasingly people in the U.S. are competing for jobs with people from other countries, due in part to outsourcing of technical production.  In addition to helping children get better math test scores, we want to prepare children for the global job competition they will face upon graduation.  We have developed our program by incorporating math teaching methodologies from several countries, while maintaining U.S. standards.  GoldStudent not only helps children obtain better math scores in their school tests, but also prepares them to succeed in life.

How Does GoldStudent Work:

We recognize that all children learn differently and at different speeds.  We understand that few children (if given the choice) will choose to do more math!  We know math can be a dry and boring subject, but we want it to be a positive experience for children.  We have developed our proprietary methodology of teaching to create personalized study guides for each student, allowing children to work at their own pace, with no deadline or feeling guilty.  Further, we have designed a “points and prizes” system to reward children for both the effort they put into GoldStudent and the progress they make.  We keep the prizes fun and obtainable to keep children motivated.

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