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General questions regarding what GoldStudent is about, how GoldStudent compares to other similar services, and how well GoldStudent works

  • What is GoldStudent? GoldStudent is an online math enrichment and assistant program for students in grades K - 6.  GoldStudent creates a personal study guide for each student that allows them to work at their own level and speed.  To make learning more fun, we reward students with points for effort and good results which can be redeemed for cool prizes.
  • What is the price for GoldStudent? GoldStudent is a free membership.  Enroll now for free!
  • Is GoldStudent as good as Kumon? GoldStudent is more effective than Kumon.  It uses similar teaching methodology, but has the convenience of online access 24x7 at a much more affordable price.  We understand that many of today's parents juggle work, home, kids and other numerous responsibilities.  GoldStudent makes it easier for parents to help their children be better at math.
  • Does it really work? Goldstudent really works.  As parents, we know that for children to learn things, such as sports or piano, regular practice is necessary to enforce the concepts and techniques they need to learn and master.  Math is no different.  There are many math concepts that need regular practice, and GoldStudent provides a convenient way for students to do this.  We recognize that doing more math may not be the first thing a child wants to do, so we created a point system to reward them with fun, cool prizes to make learning more fun and reward their progress.
  • Is it right for my child? GoldStudent is right for students who are behind in math as well as for students who are good in math and are looking for additional challenges.  Through our personalized assessment testing program, we tailor the worksheets we assign to each student's particular needs.  In addition, we have brain teaser questions for those who like to solve fun, harder math problems.  Every problem a student works on provides a chance for earning more points.
  • How do I know if it is helping my child? You can log onto your GoldStudent account and see your child's progress report, at any time, from anywhere.  The progress report shows all the worksheets your child has worked on and the result of each worksheet, allowing you to closely monitor your child's progress.  GoldStudent was founded by parents with K-6 children.  We understand very well the parents' need to stay in touch, and be informed, at all times.
  • Does GoldStudent provide tutoring services? We currently do not provide tutoring services.  However, we offer our members the ability to email us any math question at any time, whether it is related to GoldStudent assignments or questions about math homework from school.   GoldStudent will get back to you in 24 hours, guaranteed.
  • Is GoldStudent right for my child if my child is good at math already? Yes.  GoldStudent is designed to help both students with lower math scores and students who are good at math but are looking for more challenging and fun math problems.  We create a personalized study guide for each student depending on their level of performance.  In addition, we have fun (but hard) brain teasers to keep students who are good at math challenged.
  • Can my child get help with math homework from GoldStudent? Your child can get help with any math problem at all.  Just use the "Ask Us" service we offer on our site and email us the question.  We will get the answer back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.  We are also working on the ability to offer the "Ask Us" service with a one hour response time... coming soon!
  • Who created GoldStudent? GoldStudent was created by parents, educators, technologists and marketing experts who are passionate about improving math education among K-6 students.   The mission of GoldStudent is to help students excel in life by helping them excel in math.  We firmly believe a solid math foundation will help students be better prepared for many of the challenges they will take on later in their lives.
  • How does GoldStudent differ from tutoring? GoldStudent is not a real-time tutoring service.  We offer a personalized math worksheet program tailored to the specific student's needs in order to help them become better at math through continual practice.  But if the student has a math question, he or she can email us and we will get back to   them within 24 hours, guaranteed.
  • How much time does GoldStudent take? We expect the typical personalized worksheet assigned by GoldStudent will take less than 30 minutes to complete.  At GoldStudent, we believe that continual practice is more effective than infrequent, intense effort.
  • How long will it take before I see results in my child's math skill level? GoldStudent is a not a quick fix. GoldStudent is a method that will help your child be better at math through personalized study programs and continual practice.   We believe you should give your child six months with the GoldStudent program to judge whether or not it is working.
  • How can I check my child's progress using GoldStudent? You can check your child's progress online any time from any where by logging onto your account using our password protected site.  GoldStudent has a student progress report designed specifically for parents to be able to monitor their children's progress.  It shows the personalized worksheets and quizzes your child has done, as well as the results of those worksheets and quizzes.
  • What makes GoldStudent better than Kumon or eScore? GoldStudent employs a proven, customized teaching and learning methodology, used in many countries whose K-6 math performance is better than that of the U.S..  Our personalized study guides enable GoldStudent to effectively tailor the program to each individual student in order to achieve the most effective results.   In addition, we offer the convenience of online access at a much lower cost that the competition.
  • Why is GoldStudent free? GoldStudent wants to encourage kids to become good and better at basic math skills.
  • What if I need help with a specific question? Whenever you have a specific question, whether it is related to the customized worksheets assigned by GoldStudent, or to a problem on your child's math homework or math test, you can always Ask Us by email.  GoldStudent will get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.
  • Is my child the right age for GoldStudent? Children can start with GoldStudent as early as first grade.  We encourage students to start early with GoldStudent.  GoldStudent not only provides customized math practice worksheets, it teaches your child the GoldStudent way to learn by mastering concepts through continual practice.  GoldStudent can develop and enhance your child's problem solving skills, which will have long-lasting benefits in your child's future.
  • How is GoldStudent's program personalized and why is that better? GoldStudent has the technological ability to personalize your child's study program based on the initial assessment test.  GoldStudent can easily configure a personalized study guide that is tailored to your child's specific abilities.  With over 4 million worksheets, GoldStudent can deliver just what your child needs to master specific skills.  We know that different children learn in different ways and at different speeds.  We want each child to reach his or her maximum potential at mastering the basic math concepts and techniques.
  • Why have I never heard of GoldStudent before? GoldStudent was founded in 2007 by parents, educators,  technologists and marketing experts, all of whom are passionate about improving K-6 math education in the U.S.
  • Why is GoldStudent qualified to teach my child? GoldStudent uses proven methodology that is safe, fun and that reinforces positive behavior in students.  GoldStudent offers convenient and affordable access to our service with the goal of helping as many children as possible become more confident in their math abilities.  GoldStudent contributes a percentage of the subscription fees we receive to our member's schools to help with those schools' fundraising efforts.
  • Do you have an affiliate or referral program? Yes!  We have a very generous affiliate and referral program.  It’s quick and easy to get started as a affiliate just by clicking here.   At, we pay generous commissions to our affiliates for each new member they help to enroll in the GoldStudent program.  Start earning money now!
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Questions related to how to enroll in GoldStudent, how much it costs, our refund policy, and how to cancel your GoldStudent membership

  • How do I enroll in GoldStudent? Enrolling in GoldStudent is easy!  Click on the tab that says Enroll Now, follow the steps to fill out the registration form to create a free membership. Once registered, ask your child to log into GoldStudent using the username and password that you created for your child.  Your child will then be on his way to improving his math skills through our personalized study program.
  • How much does it cost? GoldStudent is a free service.
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Questions related to study guides, worksheets, quizzes, and assessment tests

  • What is an assessment test? We ask the student to take an assessment test when they log into GoldStudent for the very first time (or later, as they progress to higher levels).  The assessment test consists of multiple choice problems covering a wide variety of subjects, which we use to assess the student's level, and to create a personalized study program specifically designed for the student's skill set.
  • What does a quiz look like? Quizzes are given regularly to our students to assess whether or not they have mastered a particular concept.  View a sample quiz.
  • What does a worksheet look like? Worksheets consist of personalized problems for a particular student.  Worksheets mostly are not in the multiple choice format.  We believe this is important for the students to learn and master basic math concepts.  For the best results, GoldStudent believes that students should complete at least one worksheet per day.  View a sample worksheet.
  • Can I assign worksheets for my child? You can assign worksheets yourself to your child.  While GoldStudent does assign customized worksheets for your child based on your child's assessment test and progress, we also provide the ability for parents to assign other worksheets to their child, possibly using the child's study guide as a reference.
  • How many problems do you have? GoldStudent has over 4 million problems, ensuring that each student gets customized worksheets based on the student's specific abilities
  • How many worksheets and quizzes do you have? With over 4 million problems, we have millions of unique worksheets and quizzes.  GoldStudent wants to ensure that students always see unique content - never the same quiz and worksheet more than once!
  • What is a personalized study guide? A personalized study guide is a set of worksheets that are created for each student based on his or her math level.  The study guide is updated as the student completes each worksheet, so that GoldStudent always knows how the student is progressing over time.

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