How Does GoldStudent Work?

Step 1

 Parent Enrolls in GoldStudent
  • Parents create an account to monitor each student’s progress
  • Parents create an account for each student

Step 2

 Student(s) Logs In
  • Student(s) take an assessment test on first visit to establish starting level

Step 3

 GoldStudent Creates Personalized Study Guides
  • Assigns customized worksheets to students based on their level

Step 4

 Students Do Worksheets and Earn Points
  • Worksheets can be done online or offline
  • The higher % correct, the more points earned

Step 5

 Students Take Quizzes and Earn Points
  • Goldstudent assesses if student has mastered the concept based on quiz results

Step 6

 Redeem Prizes!
  • Got enough points? Redeem for fun prizes!

Great Member Benefits

  • Over 4 milion math exercises
  • Personalized learning tools
  • Prizes awarded for effort and progress
  • Assessment testing to track each child's progress
  • Confidence building through skill improvement, praise and parent involvement
  • Online progress report
  • Problems corrected instantly
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