GoldStudent Mentor Program

The GoldStudent Mentor program is for anyone who wants to promote to students to help them improve math and get paid as a reward.  We especially encourage parents, PTAs, schools and teachers to become GoldStudent Mentors.
Enrolling in GoldStudent's mentor program is fast, easy and profitable!
Step 1
Your information - Fill out your information so that we know who and where to send the commission checks to. Because we will pay you for your effort, by law we need to get your Social Security Number or your Tax ID number.
Step 2
School or PTA sponsor information - If you have a school or PTA organization that has agreed to help you sponsor GoldStudent, you'll need to fill in the school(s) or PTAs information so that we can also mail them their commission check. This is our way to give back to the schools and PTAs. If you don't have the school or PTA commitment now, you can skip this section. You can always go back and include the school information by logging into, going to "My Account" and clicking on the "Add a School/PTA" link.
Step 3
Start promoting GoldStudent - With the information you provide us in steps 1 and 2, GoldStudent will create unique URLs for you to send to your friends, associates and fellow parents. When your friends enroll in GoldStudent, we will know that they came from your referral (based on your unique URL). That way we can mail you your commission check at the end of each calendar month for any new GoldStudent member you get to enroll past the trial period. If you have entered a specific school or PTA organization in step 2, that organization will also get paid their commission for any new GoldStudent enrollment past the trial period. Everyone wins!
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Great Member Benefits

  • Over 4 milion math exercises
  • Personalized learning tools
  • Prizes awarded for effort and progress
  • Assessment testing to track each child's progress
  • Confidence building through skill improvement, praise and parent involvement
  • Online progress report
  • Problems corrected instantly