Points & Prizes System

We offer a Points & Prizes system for students.  Students are awarded points for effort and for results.  Those points can then be used to claim a wide selection of fun prizes.

How to earn points:
As a student, you can earn points when you complete any of the following work:
  • worksheets
  • tests
  • brain teasers
  • referring a friend
How to claim your fun prizes:
Students use the points they have earned to claim their prizes:
  • Points earned are converted into Available Points every week up to a maximum
    allowable number of points
  • Browse the fun prizes by clicking the Points&Prizes tab
  • Use your Available Points to select the prizes you want to redeem
  • Confirm the address where you want your prize(s) shipped to
  • Your prize(s) will be shipped to you ASAP

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