10 Ways Incorporating Daily Activities Will Help Make Math Fun

Making math easy for kids and making math fun for kids doesn't have to be a challenge.  There are many ways during every day life that you can involve math in your child's life and teach your child the importance and relevance of math while still making math fun.

The relevance of math in everyday life is a marvel.  Creating math games and math puzzles not only teaches children about math, it also teaches them that math can be fun.  Heck, math can be downright funny!  At GoldStudent, this is what we mean when we talk about incorporating daily activities into your child's life to help them excel in math.  Math doesn't have to be hard.  Making math fun is easy! Here's our top ten list on how to challenge your children with math then way:

  1. Math Games: Monopoly, Yahtzee, backgammon, and card games like cribbage all involve some math, and are fun games for children of many ages. Play these types of games with your family instead of watching television or movies and see just how funny math can be!
  2. Sudoku and the more challenging Kakuro are good number games that make math fun and can be found many newspapers and for free on-line. Have your child do one or two of these math games a week; work with them to encourage them and show them how it's done.
  3. Math Puzzles: There are many books of math logic and math puzzles that children can enjoy. These can be found at educational stores or purchased on-line. Buy a book and have your child do 1-2 puzzles per week (or per day if your child really enjoys these).
  4. Shopping for bargains: This cereal is $4 and has8 servings, while this cereal is $6 and has 10 servings. Which one is a lower price per serving?
  5. Cooking: This recipe says we should use one cup of water and one half cup of oil.We want to increase the recipe one and a half times. How much water and how much oil should we use?
  6. Portions: This says we should use 1 cup of dry rice per person. If we have six people for dinner, how much rice should we make?
  7. Time problems: You go to your friend's house at 1:30, and I will pick you up at 5:15. How much time will you have spent at your friend's house?
  8. Sales: The shoes you want cost $50, but tomorrow they will have a 20% off sale. How much will the shoes cost then?
  9. Distance: We have to drive 3 miles to the grocery store, then 2 miles to the office, then 4 miles back home. How many miles do we need to drive in total?
  10. Your class wants you to bring half a bagel per student. You have 18 students in your class. How many bagels should you bring?

See how fun math can be? Helping your kids discover the joy of math and seeing the confidence that comes with strong math skill can be an everyday occurrence.  Making math easy doesn't have to be hard.  Give it a try and see what fun you can get into together!

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