Helping Your Child to Concentrate on Math

Children often seem to have trouble focusing on school work, and it is often difficult to get them to concentrate and make their best effort.   Math concentration can be especially difficult.  Studying math takes distinct focus and effort.  We call it math memory; a child needs to stay in the math moment to absorb the math concept and internalize it.  But achieving math memory takes concentration!

Here are some tips to improve your child's math concentration, especially when doing homework at home:

  • Make a quiet environment: Turn off the TV, music, or any other noisy distractions so that your child can have quiet time while doing homework.  Cell phones and MP3 players should be put away.
  • Neat work space: Give your child a surface with nothing else on it, free from other books, pencils, and toys and distractions.
  • Enough sleep: Make sure your child goes to bed early enough that by the time they have to get up, they get at least nine hours sleep per day, and on a regular schedule.
  • Breakfast: Make sure your child has enough time to eat a good breakfast.  Not eating enough breakfast can lead to a lack of attention and an inability to focus during the school day.
  • No sugary or starchy foods: Limit your child's intake of sugary snacks, such as those with chocolate, or those with lots of starch.  Encourage them to eat fresh fruits or vegetables instead of candy bars.  Sugary sweets almost guarantee a child's inability to concentrate.
  • Clear and consistent schedule: Your child should know when homework time is, and should prioritize homework tasks so that it can be done in a timely fashion.   Homework time always should come before things like their favorite TV show.

Initiating these math strategies these study strategies in general will help your child concentrate on their work, focus on the topic at hand and excel in school.

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