Everyone Succeeds in Math with GoldStudent

Everyone succeeds in math with GoldStudent.  It's a very strong statement, but one that is absolutely and completely true.  That's because GoldStudent is a math assistance program that provides math help for students at exactly the level and pace that they are ready for.  The GoldStudent learning system is one that is personalized based on each child's needs.  With the GoldStudent math learning system, each student is given a math assessment test to determine exactly their math skill level when getting started.  From there, each student is provided a personalized math learning program and is given GoldStudent math worksheets that specifically address areas of that child's math needs.  GoldStudent is a math resource that parents can use to supplement the learning their children are getting in the classroom.  The GoldStudent math assistance program not only provides quality personalized attention, it provides children with rewards for effort and progress, keeping children motivated and feeling confident about their math abilities, no matter what their level.

One problem with traditional education is the connection between grades and performance: Schools are asked to both educate and to evaluate.  At GoldStudent, we do not believe that education and evaluation need to be connected in order to learn math.  We have designed a math assistance system in which students are encouraged to perform and to progress.  Part of that system is a points-and-prizes feature that rewards effort and progress, and where no one can fail.

There are no B or C students in the GoldStudent math assistance program. Each student is free to proceed at whatever pace they feel works for them, and they work on a curriculum through a series of math worksheets designed just for them, with focus on the math areas that they need the most improvement in, and less work in areas where they have demonstrated a level of proficiency. The math progress students make is rewarded with points, and the more progress they make the more points they earn. Working at a more advanced level earns more points but there is no pressure to do so, and there is no comparison between students. In a sense, everyone is an A student at GoldStudent just some students can earn more points than others.  It's all a question of how hard each student works.

If you would like to find out more about GoldStudent and exactly how the GoldStudent math assistance program works, visit: find out more page.

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