Math Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect.  We've all heard the term.  Everyone is familiar with the idea that to succeed in sports, athletes need to practice, practice, and more practice in order to excel. In sports, training your body to perform certain actions, certain maneuvers, to achieve a certain control over a ball all these things require many hours of practice of different kinds. With enough practice, many people can become very good at whatever sport they choose good enough to play well and to enjoy and thrive in the sport of their choice.

But who has heard that math practice makes perfect? Math practice works exactly the same was as practice for sports: You need to train your brain to think a certain way, to perform certain mental maneuvers, to learn to control numbers and equations so that they do what you want. In math, just as in sports, repetition leads to perfection, or at least an ability to perform accurately and quickly.  Math practice for kids is very important so that they can learn to master math skills.

There are several options to get math help for children who want to master math through practice.  Some important concepts to keep in mind:

  • The importance of math worksheets: Math worksheets define what practice is all about.  Students who continually work on a series of math practice worksheets on a particular topic have a much higher likelihood of not only mastering the math concept, but also of raising their confidence levels on their overall math ability.
  • Problem solving practice drills: Part of the math worksheet process, problem solving practice drills give students real-life math challenges to help them master the math topic at hand.
  • Word problems in math: Math word problems prove to be some of the toughest for kids.  But practicing word math problems over time will result in children's ability to transfer their math knowledge to everyday life situations.

Practicing problem solving in math is what GoldStudent was created to do.  GoldStudent is designed around the idea that math practice makes perfect.  We have developed millions of math problems covering a wide range of curriculum materials.  But even better yet, for optimal practice each of the math problems are customized to each student's needs based on their current skill level.  Through problem solving practice, students can perform as many math practice worksheets in as many areas of math as they want.  GoldStudent is math help at its infinite best helping students practice and stay motivated to ultimately succeed and achieve math pro status!

Want to know how to get your child on the practice path to pro status? Here are three free and easy steps to get started:

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