10 Ways Math Can Help Your Child's Future

As adults we use math every day.  But who would have thought that the math lesson plans we followed when we were children would serve us so well as adults? We know now that math is an important part of everyday life, and having a solid math skill foundation allows us to not only function but thrive in our personal and professional lives.

Think back today to all the times you used math to solve a problem big or small.

  • At the grocery store trying to figure out which size of peanut butter is the best value.
  • Calculating the interest that you're receiving on a savings account.
  • Determining how much the beautiful sweater will cost now that it's 20% off.
  • Playing the banker in Monopoly and making change for a $500.
  • Saving the company money by renegotiating contract rates.

All of these tasks require math skill, and having comfort with these math skills help you manage your life.  This math skill is what your child needs to thrive in life as well.  At GoldStudent, we believe that a solid math foundation provides children with the skills and the confidence they need to tackle the world.

Beyond the day to day math challenges that life can throw, as children learn and grow they'll realize all the wonderful professions that rely on math as a central component, including medicine, engineering, science and accounting to name a few. The ability and confidence to do math quickly and accurately can lead to success in all of these fields.

Here are our top ten picks for how strong math skills and success in math can help children succeed in life:

  • Doing well in math tests at school gets children into more advanced math classes.
  • Strong math skills in a variety of math topics will result in higher SAT scores, giving children the opportunity to get into a better college.
  • Strong problem solving skills and confidence will lead to internships and job opportunities for those students that excel in college.
  • Having confidence and finding joy in math will allow young adults to pursue a successful career that they will take pride in and enjoy.
  • Being smart with money through knowledge of math principles will allow young adults to save on important purchases like accurately calculating interest rates a new car.
  • Budgeting for a family.  Making smart money decisions every day builds a strong financial foundation.  This includes everything from finding which brand of cereal is the cheapest by the serving to determining if the home loan should be refinanced!
  • Vacationing.  Using math to calculate the best value on a trip could mean a longer vacation is it better to fly or drive? Eat out or cook in?
  • Not getting cheated.  Strong math skills allow someone to quickly see if a bill has been miscalculated or a tip has been automatically added.
  • Understand current events.  Math enables someone to understand statistical results in a survey or study.
  • Just having fun.  Playing games, learning to knit, building something all these things require math skills.

Life is full of math and math is full of life.  At GoldStudent, we think that's a beautiful thing indeed! GoldStudent is a math resource for those children who need a bit of help with math as well as for those kids that just need a bit more of a challenge than their schoolwork provides.  GoldStudent has a customized math program for each and every student, with personalized math worksheets to help children build their math skills over time.

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